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石→ 1石=10斗=100升=1000合、メートル法に換算すると1石=180.39ℓ=150㎏

The unit of measurement of rice. It is the amount one samurai eats in a year 6万石 indicates fief that yields 60 thousand koku of brown ( unpolished ) rice in the husk.

戦国から江戸時代の大名の領地(石高) 、武士の給与(禄高)も米の量によって決められた。

From the feudal period to the Edo period, the fiefs of the daimyo and the pay of samurai were determined in quantities of rice.

江戸時代の庶民生活では米は通貨の役割を持っていた (例)大工の日当が米5升など

Throughout the Edo period, rice served as currency among the common people.

For example, a carpenter would receive 5 sho of rice per day.

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