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About ALSA

About ALSA

Welcome to our Web Site!!

What is ALSA?  ALSA stands for Alps Language Service

Association, a non-profit organization of volunteers in

Matsumoto, Nagano-Pref., Japan.  It provides opportunities for

friendly international exchanges with overseas visitors through

voluntary language services such as Matsumoto Castle free guided

tours, language interpretation and translation and other relevant

activities. We hope that we could contribute to international

goodwill and friendship through these services.


Matsumoto developed as a castle town during the Warring States period. The castle, designated as a National Treasure, was built in the 16th century and has kept its original authentic form to the present over 400 years. Visiting the castle towers with one of our guides assures you to have an extraordinary feel and experience of the history of Japan. From the top of the main tower, you can enjoy panoramic views of Matsumoto and see the awe-inspiring mountain ranges of the Japan Alps.

When you come to Matsumoto, please get in touch with ALSA.  ALSA will make your visit here much more special and enjoyable by guiding you on a tour of Matsumoto Area.  It is free of charge.


We are also to support you at public events held in Matsumoto.  Since 1992 we have played many active roles as interpreters for the international participants for those events.

If you come to visit Matsumoto and seek any language supports, please contact us. 

Alps Language Service Association

   Tel: 080-2118-6757
   E-mail :


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