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Application for a guided tour

"Enjoy the castle with a free guided tour. ALSA provides free guided tours in and around Matsumoto Castle in English, as well as in other languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Kind and experienced guides are available for you at our "Guide Station" located at the entrance of Castle-Park throughout the year, except on non-operating days.

Advance bookings for guided tours are accepted.

 ※ The non-operating days 

   April 29th - May 6th 2024

          August 10th - 16th 2024

          December 28th 2024 - January 5th 2025  

Free guided tours of Matsumoto Castle

1. Guides are available on site (10:00 – 15:00 daily, First-come-first-served basis) .     
2. Guides are also available by advance booking (throughout the year, by 2 week advance booking basis).


1. Expenses​

 Our guide services are provided free of charge, however, you may need to pay the expenses for your guide(s) incurring during the guided tour, for example; 

  • Admission fees to some facilities such as castles (except for Matsumoto Castle), temples, shrines, museums, etc. 

  • Transportation fees

  • Meals & drinks

  • Other actual tour-related expenses, if any.

2. Other Conditions

We kindly require all visitors to assume full responsibility for any damage to personal

     belongings or injury that may occur during the tour.

 An appropriate ALSA guide might not be available depending upon itineraries or languages


For those who made booking in advance, and if your schedule changes, please contact us as soon as possible.

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