Alps Language Service Association 


Enjoy the castle with a free guided tour

  Alps Language Service Association (ALSA) provides a free guided tour in and around Matsumoto Castle in English as well as some other languages such as French, Spanish, and Chinese.

  Kind and experienced guides are standing by for you at our "Guide Station" at the entrance of Castle-Park throughout the year except non-operating days.

  An advance booking for a guided tour is available.

[Important Notice October 27, 2020]

Under measures against infectious diseases, we will resume guiding activity to those who have been reserved in advance. Please check the following points.

       Points to keep in mind when guiding

       1. Wearing a mask

       2. We will check your body temperature before the                   start and will not guide you if you are in poor                       physical condition.

       3. Information is only for explanations from outside                   the castle tower.

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